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Which is Best iPhone

It is obviously a difficult choice to buy a new iPhone in 2018 because it is even more complex to recognize which is the best iPhone. Apple released three high-end models last year, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the pricey iPhone X. It is a big decision for anyone to make but let’s make it easier for you.

There are eight iPhone models that are Apple is selling on its official website. Starting from the 4-inch SE model and race ends on 5.8-inch iPhone X. The primary question is which is the best iPhone and which to buy in 2018? It depends on you either you want an iPhone with smaller screen size or a larger screen size. Bezel-less infinity displays have now become very common and smartphone looks premium with this display. Hence, the users mostly like the smartphone with a larger screen. Then iPhone X and any other Plus model of iPhone is best for you.

Which is Best iPhone in 2018

Here we discuss some of the iPhones that have broken records in its sales. This list includes iPhone X, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 8 that have been launched last year.

Apple iPhone X RepairiPhone X

A mobile with highest benchmark scores in the Apple series is iPhone X. The A11 bionic chip with 3GB of ram makes the software to run smoother. Most importantly, it has the first OLED display in iPhone series with 1125×2436 pixels resolution. If you are waiting for one of the best iPhones ever then don’t wait for the next model of it, it is the best iPhone ever with speed and best of the display.

The most important update is the introduction of FaceID, a unique security system that captures a 3D image of the user’s face. There are a ton of features that use FaceID like Animoji, it gives the user freedom to create a random emoji and it will follow the gestures of the user. Also, the camera on this mobile is awesome with some new software and hardware updates. You can capture high-quality pictures in normal as well as in bokeh mode.

iPhone 8 Plus

Another premium design and finish from iPhone with this 5.5-inch model that also has the A11 Bionic chipset. It also has 3GB of ram with IPS display of 1080×1920 pixel resolution. It has a dual camera setup of 12MP, the main camera and a telephoto lens that delivers 2X lossless optical zoom. It also offers the bokeh effect that is known as portrait mode in iPhone’s terminology.

The design is outdated and pretty similar to 7 plus. The only difference is that it has glass finish on its back instead of a metallic finish. It has a fingerprint sensor on the front that controls security issues and enables Apple to pay by using it. It has thin bezels with a larger size that suits best in big hands and palms. Hence, you should be aware of these pros and cons of this smartphone.

iPhone 8

The 4.7-inch display model of iPhone 8th generation smartphones. It has an A11 Bionic chip with 2GB of ram but has lower resolution than plus model due to its size. It has only one main camera of 12 MP that doesn’t allow bokeh effect. It also has a fingerprint sensor installed under the home button. The home button has 3D touch functionality that means it isn’t a physical button. It uses a pressure sensor to detect either button is pressed or not. It also has wireless charging as present in iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X.



In the end, the decision to choose the best iPhone depends on different factors like price, specs and features you want. These three reasons influence the decision-making process of a customer to choose a suitable iPhone that matches the needs of that consumer.

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